The Job interview

Remember how I wrote a resume? Well I got a job interview! First I had applied for a secretary position at my son’s special needs school, but then I heard that they had an opening for a teachers assistant so I applied for that too. 2 days later I got a call for an interview for the teaching assistant job for the following week.

I was told I would be interviewed by 6 people at the same time at my son’s school and I thought to myself, cool just like an IEP meeting- easy. I mean, it was still a job interview so that made me a little nervous. But honestly, it actually probably made me feel more comfortable that there was 6 of them staring at me and taking turns questioning me while they all wrote quick notes simultaneously, then if it had been a one on one experience. Thank you IEP meetings for the practice.

Now that I’ve had the interview, my next question is, how do I follow up? A thank you card? A phone call? I don’t have an email address to send a quick email thank you because when I submitted my job interview paper work, I got automated responses. And who do I follow up with? The principal, HR, or the teacher who needs the assistant? All of them?

And what about childcare? I have been told that I should establish childcare before getting a job… But I can’t afford childcare without the job… And it seems like most daycare facilities around where I live have wait lists out until September! I checked with the school I applied at and their daycare is for 3 years and up, but little miss A just turned 2.

I didn’t realize going back to work would be so complicated. I knew I would have to figure out childcare for my littlest one and working at my son’s school would help me with his schedule. But most daycares don’t open until 7:30 and I would have to be at school by then, and some days my husband has to be at work before mr. c’s bus would pick him up, but his school doesn’t have early drop off.

Applying for those jobs felt right, but now I’m starting to wonder if it really is the right thing to do. Is going back to work always this complicated? And should I follow up on my interview if I can’t find childcare anyways?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Good for you, Rachel. I’m a retired teacher who would have been one of the 6 firing questions at you:) In my district it would have been useless to contact HR. They approved people before they passed on your name to the principal and the principal makes the decision. The principal will hopefully take into consideration the team’s preference. If you look up the school, you should get an email for the principal. I would send the thank you to him/her asking that they pass it on to the interview team. It might be a good time to think of some take-away you had from the interview that made you feel that you were a good fit.

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  2. When I was in grad school for psychology several years ago, I remember hearing some of the instructors saying the practicum and internship supervisors were complaining about not receiving thank you notes or emails, yet, a few years later when I was looking for a part-time job, most of the places I interviewed at provided absolutely no means of conveying a simple thank you! I still think sending a thank you is the polite thing to do, but I’m also afraid it’s going the way of the dinosaurs.

    I was in similar shoes about going back to work with young children still at home just half a year ago. It’s so complicated! It’s easy to think of getting the job and it’s easy for people to tell parents to just get a job, but the practicalities around being a working parent aren’t easy, unless one has friends/family who are willing to pitch in all the time. I had planned on going back to work last fall, but my husband’s new demanding work schedule meant I would be working and taking care of the kids and hoping I could pick them up in time by myself. It was sad to realize one thing I wanted was out of my reach, but, the more I think about it, the more I know my place right now is with my kids. It’s not an easy situation, so best of luck and I hope things work out the way you’d like them to!

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  3. It is a tough decision for sure and I wish I had positive advice to give. I have been a stay at home mom for many years because my three boys have special needs. Child care has always been an issue, and my husband travels a lot for work. I have been thinking about starting private practice again where I can work from home and when my husband is home. You are doing a great job Rachel!

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