Another Day, Another IEP

Today was another IEP. After at least 15 introductions, a lot of paper following, negotiations, politics, questions and a little over 3 hours later… a few conclusions were made. I got to tell ya, a lot can be talked about and still have just a few things decided.

I really didn’t know what to expect going into Mr. L’s IEP today. We had been talking about moving him to a mainstream school. We had talked about how that would look and how he would do. But days leading up to this meeting I had been getting phone calls and been pulled aside by different staff letting me know they weren’t sure where the meeting would go or not go.

Reassuring right? Haha honestly though, I always appreciate honesty and transparency. I appreciated that Mr. L’s current team cared enough to keep me up to speed so I wasn’t blind sided at the actual meeting.

I know, I know everyone who is reading this is probably thinking, get to the point! How did the actual meeting go? What was decided? Long story, short… Mr. L will be staying at his current school, continue to work on his goals already in place, he will start visiting his brother’s public school, and data will start being collected on the small visits he will be doing. The data collected will start to form a picture of if and how Mr. L can handle a regular school.

This public school is louder, faster, and more populated than Mr. L’s current special needs school. So hopefully this little step will lead to much bigger steps later this year.

But how do I feel? Overwhelmed, exhausted, accomplished, frustrated, under accomplished, supported, listened to, ignored, and like I successfully advocated for my son. I feel like I worked as hard as I was limited to and didn’t do enough.

And for my sweet readers wondering if I need an advocate? Eh, not yet 😉 I’m told I ask good questions and I’m doing a good job at advocating for Mr. L. I just personally wish I could move mountains for my kids… No big deal.

So dear readers, have you been to an IEP meeting before? As a teacher or parent? Both? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below.

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