Enjoy the Good

I see so many times on social media the words, “Autism won today” followed by a stressful pic of an upset child, a huge mess, or something broken, and I’ll be honest, I feel this.

Every autism parent has many moments they can look back on and remember the feeling that despite everything they tried, autism won that day. Things got to be just too much, they threw in the towel and decided to try again tomorrow.

But you know what, not every day in our home looks like this. In fact, compared to “The year of the diagnosis” things are pretty good right now. As the years go by the meltdowns have become less frequent, we’ve got better at avoiding triggers, we know ways to keep from emotions escalating, and mr. L has learned ways to recharge that are less destructive.

Why am I telling you this? Because today I want to focus on the great things mr. L does. Today I want to tell you about how my 8 year old son is doing academically, emotionally, physically, creatively and spiritually.


My son currently goes to a special needs school. He enjoys going and most days has a great day. At this point mr.L has surpassed his peers academically and verbally so we have been in the beginning steps of switching him to his brother’s mainstream school. He visits his brother’s school twice a week and really enjoys his time there.


There are less mountains involved when I describe mr.L’s daily emotions right now. He loves playing with his siblings, laughs, can tell me if something hurts, and doesn’t get worked up very often. He seems to be enjoying life and that makes this momma happy.


Did I mention this super kid is in a men’s size 8 shoe? Yeah, he’s tall, strong, fast, and likes to show off his muscles! He gets himself ready for the day with very little need for physical help, mostly just verbal prompts, and is learning about hygiene pretty quickly.


Mr.L loves to draw. He has drawn planets, galaxies, the interior details of ships right down to the handles on the sinks and toilets, trains, characters he’s currently into, and he uses his art to communicate how wants, what he knows, and about his interests.

Today he was drawing Santa guiding his reindeer and pulling a sleigh full of presents. Yesterday he was putting X’s through drawing of leaves and circling drawings of snow.


I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know the details of how he is doing spiritually. This is often an area of most people’s lives that is hard for others to describe because it can be so personal. But I can tell you that if we seem to be forgetting our evening family prayer mr. L will remind us, and most nights he is good about folding his arms and staying quiet during prayer 🤷‍♀️😇😜


Right now we are in an easier season. Who knows what tomorrow or next week will bring, so today I’m going to rest on my couch, catch up on my blog, enjoy my kids, and try to have an adult conversation with my husband. Today is a good day, and I’m going to slow down and embrace it, recognize it, and be thankful for it.

What season are you in right now? Are things clear sailing or are things a little rough for you? What is something you do to try to enjoy the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

Remember you have the freedom to like, share, comment, and follow… I know so many choices!


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