Who’s smarter?

Today I had a conversation with my 6 year old in the car. He was trying to tell me that he was smarter than another kid in his class. I told him that he shouldn’t say that and he insisted he was. I then explained to him that even though he might be better at math right now that doesn’t mean his classmate couldn’t be better at reading or making amazing pb&j sandwiches. Mr. C sat in his car seat and thought about that for a moment and then said, that’s true, his classmate might be really good at making sandwiches 😄

I’ve been trying to teach my kids from the beginning of their important little lives that people shouldn’t judge or compare. Comparing won’t get us anywhere good and we really can’t judge smartness, even if scientists and politicians have come up with numerous tests.

We as people are constantly learning more about the world and people around us and what we are learning is that we are more capable than we were given credit.

Scientists are discovering that flowers respond to pain and that animals interact and communicate with each other more than we first thought. We have also learned that just because someone is nonverbal doesn’t mean that they don’t think or feel emotions. People with disabilities are capable of so much and people specifically with autism think so much more deeply than they are often given credit for.

So why does the world assume people can’t do something until they prove they can? Why are people surprised when women are strong? When diagnosed mentally disabled people share their intellect? It’s just a conundrum to me. I try to not be surprised when others show their strengths and worth but instead I try to be pleased and show joy.

I think this goes back to assuming the best in others and looking for abilities instead of focusing on disabilities and weaknesses. I read once that disabilities are only as big as someone’s surroundings. I mean really think about it. If the ground is carpeted you don’t need shoes, if there is water in your glass you don’t need to turn on the tap. If someone with autism grew up on a farm with only candle light, they wouldn’t get over stimulated by flickering grocery store lights or by rush hour traffic. Maybe the number of autistic people has always been there, but there were less things in place to light up their disabilities.

Everyone is born with gifts and strengths. Unfortunately society has decided to classify those differences from least to greatest. Testing well has become more important then the gift of listening and being able to run faster is seen as more important than being able to soothe trembling hands.

It’s not about who is smarter or faster, it’s about seeing people for who they are and finding the joy in what anyone can do.

Ok that’s my soap box for today. Take my thoughts for what they are and have a spiritually strong and emotionally calm day everyone 💜

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know in the comments below. Please like, follow and share 😄



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