I Accidentally Learned

I thought I’d share 3 things I learned recently

  • Getting Mr. L to yell less
  • How to wash lots of mascara off a toddler
  • How to plan a drive by parade for a stranger

Yelling less

Getting Mr. L to yell less was so simple that I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner… Ok let’s back up, since we’ve been on lock down because of the corona virus my son has decided he needs to yell and protest loudly when my husband or I ask him to do any chores, get ready to play outside, or do anything really.

I tried giving him a 5 min heads up, occasionally I’ve said, ok you can keep doing your thing for another 2 min, I’ve tried to reward him with treats… and about a week or two ago I was just tired of hearing the complaints and I decided to throw out a Hail Mary and said, “Hey Mr. L please don’t yell at me” then I waited a second before continuing, “Can you please come put your laundry away?” And guess what!? I got a quiet growl and he stomped down the stairs.

You might think ok… But he still wasn’t super pleasant… Maybe not, but he wasn’t yelling, fighting, or trying to escalate the situation. So I’m counting it as a win ladies and gentlemen. I’d also like to add that this is my go-to now when I need to have him do something he isn’t happy about doing, and it works probably 75% of the time, so that’s cool.

Mascara toddler

Someone found mommy’s make-up

The other night my daughter, little Miss A told my husband that she needed to use the restroom but would much prefer privacy, and being the gentleman that my soul mate is, he obliged. About 10 minutes later I asked my husband where our youngest was and he informed me that she was in the bathroom. With much surprise I asked why she was alone, and he quickly went to check on her.

Here is the conversation that followed:

  • Mike: Oh no!
  • Me: Oh no, what!?
  • Mike: She got into something!
  • Me: What is it?
  • Mike: I DON’T KNOW
  • Me: What color is it?
  • Mike: Black! It’s everywhere, I’m in over my head! I don’t even know where to start!
  • 🤣
  • Me: It’s probably my makeup, my mascara. I’ll come take care of it.
  • Mike: THANK YOU. I’m so sorry!

And you know what that sneaky little girl did? By the time she slammed the door back on my husband and before I could get in there, she had put the lid back on my mascara, put it back in my box and put other stuff on top of it… Ya know, to hide the evidence 😉😂

Needless to say there was black all over my drawers, my daughter’s face, hands, arms, and stomach. With hand soap and a wet rag I could get most of it. My daughter needed baby soap and water in the tub, and she needed eye makeup remover for her face. But here’s a tricky note to remember, don’t scrub that black, makeup ring around your tub off until your creative, little artist is out of the tub. Because that mascara settles on top of the water and will keep making rings as the tub drains.

My husband can testify that Clorox wipes and a little elbow grease will get your tub clean again after you remove the clean-ish munchkin out of the room.

Parades for strangers

Sometimes you just need a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar

Here is my last story for today. A few days ago a mother on a local, Facebook, mom page explained how her daughter was turning 16 and was disappointed because she didn’t feel like they could do anything to celebrate. So I commented a few ideas, but nothing seemed to be the right approach.

While I was brainstorming, my husband called from the other room, telling me his old co-worker had a daughter turning 16 and was looking for ideas to celebrate. I asked if his co-worker’s name was “Sara”. With astonishment he asked, “You know ‘Sara’!?” I told him no I didn’t. Still confused Mike asked, “Are you friends with her on Facebook??” Again I said no, and I asked him to come look at my phone to read the conversation I was having with her.

Talk about a small world! So I recommend a drive by parade for the day of the birthday. Next thing I knew I was friend requested, I was invited to the event, and the morning of I was drawing Happy Birthday on computer paper with my kids to tape up in my van’s windows for a girl we had never met. I even hopped out of my car and put a small gift from us on her lawn (keeping safe distancing of course 😉).

You just never know what life might throw at ya… But as long as you can find the positives it doesn’t have to all be bad.

What fun thing have you learned recently? Tell us about it 😊


  1. Hahahaha! 🤣 Your daughter is amazing! All of your children sound like so much fun, lol. You must be having interesting lockdown times 🤦‍♂️.

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