How to Wear a Mask

With places starting to open back up for some of you and other places tightening down even further, the idea of everyone being asked to wear a mask is becoming more common. I bet a lot of you taking care of children and those with special needs are wondering how the heck are you going to get some of these little people and special needs people to strap something to their face at all… Well I’ve got a few ideas 😉

Before I get too far into this post I’m going to let you know right now that this isn’t a political post. But I do hope this post can be helpful.

I’m not here to tell you to wear a mask, or if they are important, or even if they should be legal or whatever. I’m just here with some tips if you plan on wearing them. Where we live, masks are mandatory to go certain places. I will also let you know that our governor has said that wearing masks won’t be legally enforced, that it’s an honor code thing. Also, many places are asking that people who medically can wear them to do so… So basically if you can’t get your loved one to wear a mask DON’T SWEAT IT.

Over the weekend my husband and I took our kids to a local ice cream shop and then to a chilly beach. After posting pics of our outing on Facebook I got a bunch of people asking how I got Mr. L to wear a mask.

I’m not here to tell you to wear a mask. I’ve got tips though for you to try if you want someone to wear a mask.

  • Positive Talk
  • Different Options
  • Put one on ME
  • Super Hero Movies
  • Dress Up at Home!
  • Team Work

Positive Talk

So I feel like the first step in getting kids and people with autism to wear a mask out in public during this corona virus business is to talk positively about them. Negative comments like, “This is stupid”, “I wont be able to breath in that!” Or “This won’t even help, and is so stressful” is setting the stage for how your child is going to feel about fabric wrapped around their face.

By all means, have your opinions and talk to other adults about all your virus feelings. Just don’t let your kids hear your negativity about those masks if you plan on them wearing one. Ps. Please don’t turn “masks” into a drinking game as you read my blog… It won’t end well 😜

If you plan on complying, find a balance of making the masks be a fun thing, answering your kid’s questions seriously, and keeping it simple… Haha easy right? Anyways you get the point, don’t make the masks scary.

Different Options

This one is pretty self explanatory. If you can afford a few options for your kid, let them try out a few different ways to cover their face. A step better is to give your kid some fabric options to wear. We have super hero masks, Batman ones, and a couple plain dr’s office ones. Mr. C has his favorite go-to one, but Mr. L picks different ones depending on the day.

If you don’t have options, you can always get creative and help your kiddo decorate their mask with fabric glue, markers, or anything that doesn’t add holes to it.

Put one on Me

I’ve actually sat down with my kids and let them put one of my clean fabric masks on me. It gave them a chance to visually see how the loops fit over my ears and in turn would look over their ears. It also gave my kids time to see that I don’t mind wearing it. I smiled and talked with them, and let them take their time seeing me with a mask on at home. This was a safe time and place for my kids to see, in their own comfortable environment how these new mask rules work.

Going out to public places can be stressful with all the new rules, and potential health risks to think about. So practicing seeing mommy at home wearing one is a more relaxed place to be introduced to these crazy rules.

Super Hero Movies

Get the conversation going by having your kids watch some age appropriate movies wear the hero’s wear masks. A few fun ones include; The incredibles, Big Hero 6, Spider-man into the Spider-verse, or even Batman the animated series.

You can use these movies in later conversations when reminding them to keep their mask on while in public.

Dress up at Home

Let your kids wear their masks at home a bit. I know you don’t want them breaking them, but let them try them on at home for a bit so they can get used to how they feel. Heck, you could combine the super hero theme by dressing up as super hero’s and making costumes and using your safety masks as the hero masks.

Team Work

Act like it’s fun. Remind them why you want them to wear them. And when it comes time to have to wear them in public, just remind your kids that if they try to take them off, that it could make people very upset and that you will have to take them right back to the car.

Reassure your kids that you know this all feels weird and that it’s ok to feel that way. Let them know it won’t be forever and that you are here for them. Let them have their feelings, and as always just try to keep your cool.

Do you have any tips you could add? Let us know in the comments below! 😷 And please remember to like, share, and comment! ✌️



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