5 Reasons to keep Learning over Summer Break

Right off the bat I’m going to let you know that I’m THAT mom. I’m that mom that even though school is out we keep a loose routine, a basic schedule, and my kids still do “school work” and here are my reasons why…

Reasons for Summer learning:

  • Keeps Brains Going
  • Autism tends to like Routine
  • Most kids thrive on Schedules
  • Getting back into school will be Easier
  • I hardly ever hear “I’m Bored!”

I remember when I was in elementary school loving the idea of summer break, doing nothing, watching TV, riding my bike, and occasionally my dad having me help water the garden or turn on the sprinkler system. But I also remember in high school learning about the idea of year round school and thinking it was a great idea!

There is no lie to it, when kids go a few months without school they tend to forget some of the stuff they learned academically, and some forget how they should behave in a classroom. Every elementary school teacher will tell you that the first few months back in school is just reviewing and re-teaching what the kids learned last year… What a waste of time.

But with year round school, students may not get as long of a summer holiday, however their education year has more frequent and longer breaks spread out over it, and that doesn’t sound too bad. Besides, don’t most kids start chanting that they’re bored after the first month… Sometimes by the 2nd week of summer sabbatical? And don’t most of the parents start counting down the days until school is back in session?

And let’s be honest Mr. L qualifies for year round schooling anyways. Which means it is imperative that he maintains his skills and shouldn’t be away from his school setting or he can become a candidate for quickly losing important skills he needs to keep the ball rolling for him to progress and learn academically and in his life skills… Thanks Covid-19 for messing with everything… Anyways…

Back to being THAT mom, during summer “break” my kids still go to bed at 8:30pm, reading starts at 7:30pm, and my kids still do 2-4 worksheets in the morning along with getting ready for the day. They usually do these things before they get to play video games, watch tv, or play outside. But I will let you in on a secret, I’d move their bedtime back if Mr. L would learn to sleep in! I’m telling you, he could go to bed at 11pm and he is still getting up at 6 or 7am the next day.

Honestly my 8 year old self would be rolling her eyes so hard at me right now if she knew I was putting my kids to bed when the sun was up… Well guess what buttercup, I don’t like it either. But I don’t want to deal with grouchy kids the next day, and no matter how much I remind them, beg them and pray, my kids wouldn’t sleep in even if I paid them. I know because my husband tried that too.

Anyways, back to the whole reasons for summer learning. This can look like science experiments, learning videos online, or learning websites. But generally it looks like worksheets that cover writing and math. At my kid’s levels this can look like coloring, shapes, letters, counting, telling time, learning money, etc. So without further ado, here are my reasons:

Keeps Brains Going

This is pretty basic, learning keeps brains thinking, stretching, questioning, and moving. My kids brains aren’t turning to mush and my kids aren’t forgetting what they learned from the previous school year and maybe if I’m lucky, they just might go back to school knowing a little more then from when they left.

Autism tends to like Routine

Life is just easier in our home when the kids are calm, and having a predictable routine keeps Mr. L calm. Which keeps him from getting upset, or upsetting others. When the world around you isn’t always easy to understand, the people outside your home aren’t easy to read, having a routine makes life a little less wavering and a little more still.

Most kids thrive on Schedules

Having a basic schedule most days means consistency, and most people- not just kids, enjoy a basic schedule. I mean sure, some people like to be occasionally spontaneous. But in general people naturally fall into schedules or routines for basic everyday things like the way they shower or drive to work. Studies have shown that children feel safer and loved when they have a bit of a routine or schedule to their life.

Getting back into school easier

This one is important to both of my older kids. When getting dressed in the morning and learning is part of their everyday life, going back to school isn’t as big of an adjustment. I’m not trying to switch their little body clocks from going to bed at 11pm to 8, dragging day times clothes back onto them after weeks of pj’s, and reminding them that reading and math exist after months of mindless tv and video games. That is a lot of change to smash in all at once. I mean if that’s your thing, you do you. But I would have one grumpy kid, and another one angry, miserable, and having screaming meltdowns if I flipped a switch like that.

I hardly ever hear “I’m Bored”

I mean all those other reasons are important, but this one really is the icing on the cake. After breakfast, brushing, flossing, mouthwash, deodorant, getting dressed, and doing about an hour of school work… My kids are more then happy to find something to play with and do on their own 😏 And being who I am, after getting a few chores out of the way I am more then happy to get my kids out of the house to a beach, park, library (when they open again), or even just out in my front yard with scooters and a box of side walk chalk.

So what about you? Do you try to keep the learning going year round? Or do you like that big break of peaceful nothingness? How green is the grass on your side of life? Tell us about it in the comments below, and please remember to like and share ✌️🧩🤓📚☀️



  1. I do! My kids have their grandma to thank because, for as long as I could remember, she always had my siblings and me doing workbooks, reading, and chores every day during the summers. It made the first month of school agonizingly boring, but I’m thankful because I really did learn some interesting things every summer. I started my oldest with workbooks, academic activities, and reading last summer after he was done with preschool and it really helped him transition back into school. I’ll also be starting his 3 year old sister with it this summer so she doesn’t feel too left out. But I do absolutely love keeping their brains active and growing and, so far, it’s made going back to school easier, so I couldn’t imagine doing things differently. Though I imagine they might disagree when they’re older!

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    • Haha I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one! I’m sure my neighbors think we are crazy, I’ve heard a few of them say that they weren’t even keeping up with the home schooling that Covid-19 has caused them. But I agree that transitioning back to school isn’t a big deal for us either. 😊

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  2. I agree with your post. So great and good for you to keep the routines and the learning going this summer! Helps fill the day with meaningful activities while helping reduce the “summer slide” in knowledge. Best wishes and have a great summer!

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  3. I would go to Costco every summer and load up on giant coloring books and workbooks, plus books to read. This of course was way back when my kids were little. I would also sign them up for city swimming lessons, which are super cheap here in our state. My kids have very light skin, they take after the Swedish side more I guess, so I had to make sure to sign them up for swimming classes after 4 pm so they wouldn’t burn up. They were so hypersensitive to textures and touch when they were really young that any sunburn would have really hurt them. I also signed them up for all kinds of summer day camps and art classes. Summers were are busiest times here in our super hot city. Because our city gets so hot and everyone has to basically live indoors, there are tons of fun programs to keep kids cool and happy inside.

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  4. I actually love and agree with this as well. My daughter is three so maintaining routin is hard because her attention span is sporadic, but I do like to give her a sense of consistency and keep her busy. Now that school is officially out and distance learning with her various teachers are over, I plan to have her go to therapy once things open up and also allow her to go to child care and play with other kids because a routine and lots of activités are really imperative. Plus the day goes by faster

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