Don’t Detox my Kid

The Kids getting Mail from Grandma.

Over the years we have come across people with good intentions, people who think they know everything and those who are just crazy. Some of these Homo sapiens have good intentions…. Others… I think they are on some kind of quest that belongs on another planet. Usually I don’t care, unless they try to touch my child.

You read that right, I have had people try to grab Mr. L’s stomach and ask him if his stomach hurt. Like they assume that Autism equals stomach aches. It doesn’t. Anxiety, constipation and the flu are possible reasons for a tummy to hurt. But neurological brain disorders don’t automatically cause the stomach to hurt all the time.

So I guess you could say this is my friendly PSA, don’t touch other people’s kids. Children are not public property. RSV is real, spreading germs is real, and detoxing autism through juicing is not real.

I’ve had a well meaning compadre hurt my feelings by insisting my son had extremely high levels of metals trapped in his brain… No. Years later Mr. L did an allergy test and it also tested for mineral and metal levels and they came back normal and a few were actually below average.

My Big kid trying New Foods.

Stop trying to fix my kid with essential oils and detoxing diets. He doesn’t need to be fixed, you need to be fixed for thinking there is a problem. Mr. L is smart, he is funny, he is kind, and he loves life. So STOP IT!

My son doesn’t need to be saved, or healed, detoxed, fixed, or changed. Mr. L can read, he can write, he is learning math, and he can get himself ready in the morning. He has learned how to interact with others so now he can share his thoughts, his needs, he is learning how to share his feelings, and he shares how funny he can be.

If you would stop and listen, pause and see, and close your mouth you would learn how funny, kind, loving, amazing and smart Mr. L is. So stop looking for a problem and start seeing the gift and blessing he is to those around him.

No one asked for your unsolicited advice, and no one wants it. Don’t you think by now that if something needed to be fixed that I would be researching like his life depended on it? But guess what, it doesn’t. Mr. L is learning how to interact with the world around him and is learning how to communicate with others just like EVERYONE ELSE.

Thank you for your time and for not touching my children. Have a lovely day 😜


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