The Dr. kicked butt & Took Names

This post may feel a little anticlimactic after yesterday’s disaster post. But honestly I’m relieved with the turn out.

However, before I tell you how this morning went, I feel like I should tell you that pick up yesterday at my boy’s school was surprisingly terrible. I picked up my boys at the front office which truly upset the secretary that had caused most of the problems yesterday morning.

This lady was mad that I wasn’t in the pick up lane- which honestly if they can’t handle a front office drop off, how was I suppose to trust a car lane pick up?

Well this lady started being passively aggressive towards me and I stood my ground. She tried to tell me how this morning she was taking care of my kids, but I corrected her. She tried to tell me that she was doing her best to make me as the parent feel comfortable and I told her, “No you didn’t. You separated my boys, you took my son away from me, and you never even asked if I was ok with anything you were doing”.

She was furious and tried to tell me that I was going to have to wait for all the buses to leave before I could take my boys home and tried to feed me crap that I had to talk to the principal and that she was going to be a long time. I called her on it and told her that she was trying to punish me for taking care of my children.

So this lady put me and my children in a conference room, called the principal and lied to her and told her that I had been screaming at her and causing a scene 😳

It was very obvious by my kid’s body language that no such thing had occurred. I had called her on her crap and she was furious that I hadn’t backed down.

I had a quick word with the principal and left.

Once we got home I got ahold of the head of the special needs department and she apologized for this morning… Turns out this elementary school seriously downplayed what had actually happened and this higher up was now upset and angry that the school had lied to her and for the truth of what actually happened. The principal didn’t even mention to this district lady that she lost my son!

Long story short, the head of the special needs department has a doctorate. She asked if I minded if she went to the school in the morning and took care of business and I was relieved to have found the right person- finally!

Last night I had been feeling frustrated that this whole thing had blown up so much when it should have been such a simple and basic thing done right the first time. But I’m happy to report that while sitting in the parking lot this morning I saw this lady get out of her car, take her wheeled briefcase, strut her stuff up to the front door and I had guessed correctly that this was the Dr. I was hoping to meet today.

I watched from the car with my children as this lady called everyone into the front office and spoke to them. And then when it was time I walked my kids to the school and it was obvious that this awesome lady from the district had kicked butt and took names.

She smiled warmly as we walked in, introduced herself and as she was meeting my kids the principal and the terrible secretary high tailed it out of there. The lady who had came to advocate for us made sure the other secretary stayed, and made sure she took care of anything I needed. She then happily explained what her plans were to ensure everything was taken care of and how she personally would see to it and then would arrange the staff as needed. She even asked if this plan was ok with me and if I had any problems with it.

It was beautiful and validating.

This lady not only seems to understand special needs kids, but she seems to understand the families involved too. She took care of things and didn’t make me re-tell my side, she didn’t make me ask for my basic requests again. She had taken notes the day before and set things right.

I didn’t need to personally win anything. I just wanted to know that my sons would not get lost and that my oldest would be watched and given the opportunities to grow. Seeing my kids win is the biggest win I could pray for.

And here is a pic of my puppy so excited to see the neighbor kids outside our kitchen window that he found himself on my counter. When he realized how high up he had jumped he got scared and fell and hid on the couch 🐶😅

Shazam saying hi to the neighbors


  1. Great job standing your ground and advocating for what was right! That is wonderful you connected with the right person too. Definitely good to know in case you need to utilize her services again!

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  2. I’m glad to hear that today was a better experience for you! And sounds like the Doctor came at the right time indeed. Two more days till you say adios to that pain in the butt secretary!

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  3. That wasn’t anticlimatic at all! Wow that was so satisfying. It couldn’t have gone any better after what happened the day before. So satisfying to watch someone with good sense AND authority put incompetent/egocentric people in their place. It’s so terrible and disheartening that people like that exist. Being put in a situation where they try to lie about what you were doing is so dangerous.

    Also so fortunate that the terrible secretary was retiring this week.

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    • You’re right, it truly was satisfying to have someone in authority have the desire and ability to just waltz in, bypass all the pomp and circumstance and red tape and just fix everything.
      It doesn’t usually happen like that, so it’s a bit of a relief when it does.

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