When does School Drop off Start?

Little Miss A is ready to go get “Her Boys” from School.

I truly am confused about how pick up and drop off works. Ok, I get the basics. I get in line with my car, drive slow and drop off or pick up my kiddos. But there is like this cosmic sign declared when the car line starts moving.

Ok let me go back a step. The car line doesn’t start by the sidewalk. The line up of cars starts across the parking lot… in 2 Lane’s which was previously 1 lane and becomes 1 lane again when merged next to the sidewalk of the school…

This is weird right? Or no?

Anyways, I am supposed to pull into the parking lot, get in line, then split into 2 lanes, which then sit and wait until some magic cosmic witchcraft alerts the first 2 cars to move forward in a merging pattern across the parking lot where the kids can get in and out.

But does this start at 7:15am? 7:02am? When the white bus pulls away? Sometimes. When the 2 yellow buses leave? Sometimes. When the staff comes outside? Nah, sometimes they start merging and moving before staff are outside.

Basically the other day I went to the school early enough for drop off that I was the first one there and I picked the number 2 spot because I was told the doors open at 7:15am. But I also know that the cars don’t always start moving at the same time and I didn’t want to be in the front spot and miss when the stars aligned as the go signal and then have all the cars behind me mad waiting because I didn’t notice the bat signal in the sky.

Also, apparently tractors drop kids off in the morning around here too 😂 Hi Indiana.

Kids get Dropped off for School on a Tractor.


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