Still trying New Things

Trying fresh spiced doughnuts!

Even though Mr. L’s school can’t seem to function at a reasonable standard we’ve still been moving forward and growing at home. Mr. L has been surprising us with his willingness to try new foods and it’s been fun to see what passes as “Umm that’s not bad” and “That’s gross, it tastes like tomatoes and broccoli”.

My husband and I constantly offer our kids new foods and specifically with Mr. L we try to push foods that are similar to foods he has already accepted. Since Mr. L will eat French fries, we like to offer him other potato dishes and we can usually get a bite or 2 past him.

However, recently he has decided that lo mein isn’t too bad and in fact finished his plate 🤩 It’s always exciting when my first born accepts a new food because sometimes he even starts to get bored of his preferred foods. Then the scary moment of him refusing one of his favorite foods happens and his list of foods he will eat shrinks a bit, and I worry that he will never gain a balanced diet.

Mr. L enjoying new foods

But for the last few weeks Mr. L has willingly took a prescription without fighting us and instead would just cough and in a disgusted tone he’d say, “Not bad” before guzzling down some water.

And the other day while his siblings were picking out sushi from the grocery store he picked out a smoked soft cheese to go with his new brand of potato chips. I was so shocked that I even double checked with him to make sure he knew what he was doing and he insisted he wanted the new foods.

So we bought the new foods, took them home for an after school snack and before taking a big bite my kiddo took a wiff and with a slightly disgusted voice Mr. L said, “This cheese smells like hot dogs”. Honestly he was right, the smoked cheese did smell like hot dogs, which makes it all the more amazing that he still partook, because he doesn’t like that processed meat.

Trying new foods

Mr. L also recently tried a homemade pumpkin pie dessert and fresh spiced doughnuts. If someone told me last year that my oldest would try so many new foods in such a short span of time I would have laughed!

So like I said, the local elementary school might not be up to standard, but we are still being adventurous and trying new foods around here.


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