He Wants to Shower? Cool!

The Boys being Cute and Reading Together.

The past few posts have been more of a stressful type, so today I decided I wanted to share a small victory. Not every kid likes to shower right? It’s pretty normal to hear about kids fighting bath time and unfortunately some teens try to avoid it too. Seriously unfortunate because everyone knows what a teenager can start to smell like after a couple of days of avoiding soap and water.

And for those new to my blog, you will quickly pick up that most of my parenting choices are decided based on how I hope my children will act like as adults. No seriously, I constantly worry about the future, and not just tomorrow, or the next day. We are talking about 25 year old Mr. L, 37 year old Mr. C and 22 year old Little Miss A. Ok not always those ages, but when I ask my oldest to put on deodorant it’s often because I want this to be so old hat that when he’s 21 I don’t want to be fighting him when he’s twice my size and weight to not smell like old gym socks. When I tell my kids it’s bedtime/ reading time I am also hoping by reading to my children they will be interested in college and learning about what’s outside the town they graduated high school from.

Ok, so you get the picture. Everything I do with my kids is in hopes of building a solid foundation for them to be good, smart and kind grownups.

So when my autistic son started asking if he smelled bad and wanted me to sniff his hair, I was more then just curious when I told him he was stinky and should take a shower and he would give me the biggest grins… 😆 Yes, he wanted me to tell him he smelled ripe in hopes that he could take a shower!

Mr. L and Shazam listening to me Read to Them.

This went on for almost a week, it was always in the afternoons or evenings and Mr. L was learning that he liked quick showers. I don’t know if it’s a place he can get away from his siblings for a bit, a place to decompress, or if he just likes feeling clean. But I’m taking the win either way.

Well last week before telling my oldest son goodnight, I asked if he wanted to take a shower BEFORE school and his beautiful face split into the biggest smile. Mr. L nodded over and over as he asked me if he could shower in the morning, tomorrow before school. He didn’t want to get our communication wrong. Mr. L wanted to make sure without a doubt that he had understood me correctly. I was in fact going to LET him shower before school.

He went to sleep that night smiling to himself like it was Christmas Eve. Sure enough he hopped right out of bed and asked me again if he could shower and with a hug I told him yes, to shower and then get ready for school. He was quick and still the first kid ready to go when it was time to head out.

It’s been almost a week now and he still smiles every morning when I tell him he can hop in the shower before getting ready for school. And ladies and gentlemen this is a huge win in our house!

The Kids being Cute as we waited for our Car to get an Oil Change.

I hope this routine sticks around for years to come, I hope this means less teenage hygiene fights, and hopefully no adult man bathing fights. I’m taking this win and I’m hoping his younger brother will be interested in following suit in a couple of years too because… Well… kids can smell after a few days 😅



  1. Yay, a win! I love showers and the feel of water on my body. The water showers off dirt, any negative energy, soothes and comforts. I’m glad your son is enjoying it.

    Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it 🙂

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