Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Ice cream Time!

I’ve recently noticed that Mr. L has been showing a little more flexibility. I still wouldn’t call him fluid per say… However, every small step counts! Hopefully this adaptable attitude will continue through the summer and continue to grow next school year. I’m not counting on it, but I like to be hopeful.

Anyways, a few things I’ve noticed includes Mr. L’s pajamas. This might not sound like a big deal, but he has been picking out his pjs at bedtime and occasionally he mixes up his choices. He’s not trying to be silly, just comfortable, and now that includes picking out his pjs based on temperature and not necessarily needing them to match perfectly.

Museum Exploring.

This used to be a huge deal. Bedtime routine could not continue unless his pajamas matched perfectly, so I had better had his laundry done, matched, and where he could find them together. So it’s nice to see a little flexibility here.

I’ve also taken note that my autistic son has been a little more receptive to different foods. Nothing huge like steak or sushi, but last night I put a small scoop of mashed potatoes on his plate with his preferred foods and he didn’t balk at me.

He also stubbornly picked a non-preferred yogurt from our fridge and he begrudgingly ate all of it without pressure. Mr. L ate the “yucky” yogurt because he bargained for 3 double, stuffed Oreos in exchange. All I’m saying is that I gently reminded him twice that he had to finish it if he wanted those Oreos, and he did without any big fight. That’s a win in my book.

And lastly today, I wanted to take note how amazing he did at our local swimming pool this week. It was a new location, but he eagerly got right in, he asked to do both the water slides and was able to follow all the social cues of getting in line, waiting his turn, and successfully going down and swimming to the stairs without any adult assisting him! I was amazed!

Pool time with Friends.

Mr. L also managed to find his brother, Mr. C crossing a water obstacle course, he navigated how to get to him correctly, wait his turn, and cross as well. You might think that, those were the high lights of the day, but I have an even cooler thing to share.

This kiddo of mine asked if he could go off the diving board by himself! I gave him a few quick tips, and our family friend double checked with him that he understood the social expectations. Mr. L walked over, patiently waited his turn, watched for the life guard to give the ok, cannonballed, gave the life guard a thumbs up and swam to the side. It was so cool to witness.

These kids of mine amaze me all the time. They give me a run for my money… But they surprise me too 😆

Picture taken by Little Miss A.


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