Trying to be Relaxed

These Kids are big enough to Ride without Dad.

Sometimes you just need a slow summer with very little planned.

Two of my kids have Karate classes, all 3 of them have swim lessons, we are keeping up with the local library reading program and we are occasionally catching a free summer movie at the local movie theater.

So no, the kids aren’t exactly sitting around doing nothing all day every day. There are a few planned things to keep the weeks rolling. But we don’t have any big summer plans, vacations or summer camps. And I gotta say it’s pretty nice to lay in bed a little longer during these warmer months.

Playing at the Library.

However since we live with autism we do need some daily structure that looks like a to-do list taped to the wall that includes getting ready for the day, doing a few chores, some reading and some learning pages. But this paper taped to the wall keeps the words, “I’m bored!!!” From ever showing up around here.

Would I like our house to be more lackadaisical? Yeah, I would. It would be nice to move casually through the summer months without a care for what was going to get done each day. However I have kids 😆

So without a daily summer camp, and without needing to build a packing list, we are still getting out of the house, keeping a few things on the calendar to look forward to, making sure the daily summer library reading gets done, and Friday pizza day always happens at this house.

Little Miss A earning her Stripe.

And so far I think this has been just what my kids have needed. Kids need a mental break from all the hustle and bustle that school demands of them. However, I don’t need my kid’s brains melting to mush in front of screens for a few months and forgetting what they had learned last school year.

So each kid has 3 learning pages and 20min of reading they do, and the kids are learning how to do their own laundry this summer. Does this make for extra work for me? You bet! But I hope some new skills are picked up this summer and I hope Mr. L gets caught back up on some academics that he avoided over the previous school year.

Silly kids at the Zoo.

Anyways, what fun summer plans do you have this year?



  1. I always say, I, too, am on the spectrum. I am glad for a relaxed warm summer, BUT I have a list of things to do each day, always getting finished by noon so I can spend the afternoon in our air-conditioned house, reading all the books. In mid-July our two grandchildren will come for a week and we will do whatever they want to do. The list of things will go out the window, and I will do my best to not come undone by the changes and interruptions and the crazy meal/non-meal schedule.

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    • You just described what sounds like a perfect summer season. Getting things done, followed by relaxing in the air-conditioning with all the books, sprinkled with some grandchildren time.
      It sounds like you have it all perfectly planned out ☀️

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  2. Sounds like a great summer so far, balancing routine with fun relaxation. Enjoy every moment!

    We’re two weeks behind the US with our last day of school tomorrow. Can’t wait!!!

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