Got the First week of School Done.

First day of School.

So far so good. I’m happy to write that my boy’s first week of school not only went well, but it was uneventful and sometimes there’s nothing more a parent could ask for.

Mr. C and Mr. L have decided that they would rather eat breakfast at home because their school’s offerings were less then appealing last year. And to my surprise Mr. L asks for eggs over easy on buttered toast with a side of fruit… Every morning! Could anyone have guessed even two years ago that he would eat any of that? Let alone request it?

Mr. L reading with his kindergarten buddy.

I reached out to Mr. L’s teacher to make sure he was going to have a 1 to 1 aid whenever he was traversing the school beyond his special education classroom and his teacher was happy to inform me that he already had an aid lined up. No one lost either of my boys, and both of them had a great first week of school. Super cool.

And since this is such an upbeat post I’d like to add that Mr. C’s teacher reached out to me, to let me know how happy she is to have my son in her class this year. Mr. C’s teacher wanted me to know how nice he is to the other students and how respectful he is to her as the teacher. That kind of message is one of the best kinds a momma could get.

Mr. C getting fitted for a helmet.

So school has started off on the right foot. I wish church was going as well for my kiddos, but that’s another post for another day.

How is your fall starting? I’m excited to hear about it! 🍂📚🏈🎃



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