Are We ready for his 2nd Swim meet? And a Health Update from me.

This Kid is Amazing!

Time has flown from the first swim meet to Mr. L’s second one and I’m basically just as nervous this time around as I was for the initial one. I’m still wondering did I sign him up in the app right? Did I respond to that email about this months ago correctly? Is my autistic son going to want to actually do this again once he gets there? Do we try for 3 races again or should we just do 2?

The swim practices are going well, Mr. L still enjoys going to his swim lesson on Saturdays too. So optimistic me wants to assume everything will go peachy. But… it’s just going to be my husband and I wrangling 3 kiddos this time- which is usually more then enough for every day life.

But for some reason, swim meets feel like a foreign concept to me like riding an invisible bicycle, in the fog in Canada sounds more straight forward than this.

But I’ll let you guys know how Mr. L does!

Mr. L hung up the Christmas lights this year.

And here’s an update on my health drama, the good news is that the spectacle has come to a close for now.

For those who want to be caught up to speed- I had complications getting appendicitis diagnosed, my appendix burst, I had it removed, I was treated for sepsis, and cancer was found on my appendix. After weeks of waiting I found out the cancer on my appendix had been completely taken care of and won’t come back, but 2 ultrasounds raised concerns of cancer hanging out in my uterus. So I went back in to be tested for cancer there and after months of playing this terrible game of twister, I have been told I don’t have cancer in my uterus. The test results came back negative for it and I in the clear for now…

Life can be crazy like that. No signs of any problems and then just over night you find your body fighting for its life and it leaves you wondering if you will be there next year. Next year to walk your baby to her first day of kindergarten, to cheer on your son in another karate competition, to advocate for your first born in his first year of middle school’s special education program, or to hold your husband’s hand and just be grateful to have a friend for a partner.

Us attempting a family picture!

It helps put into perspective how amazing holding your babies when they are sick can be, how rolling out of bed and being able to scramble all your kids to school is a blessing and how just sitting by your partner and taking a minute to reset after tag teaming getting the munchkins to bed is another opportunity to fill my cup with gratitude.

I’m just glad to say that this chapter of health concerns has come to a close for me and I’m ready for a new year and hopefully a fresh start.

Shazam let Little Miss A take his collar and he is regretting that decision.


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