The upcoming Pre-IEP

Does your school always have a meeting before an IEP meeting? Or just mine?

On my calendar for next week is a “Staff meeting” which is basically a meeting before the IEP meeting. (IEP for those of you learning along with me stands for, individualized education program). Which is usually a good thing. But this one feels like the school is trying to push back the timeline for my son who has autism to be mainstreamed to his brother’s school.

But regardless, I like my son’s school and so far I’m ok with playing by the rules… So while I’m mentally preparing for a 1-2 hour meeting let’s go over a few tips for your future IEP meeting.

How to be ready for an IEP meeting:

  • Mark your calendar!
  • Arrange childcare
  • Pull out the current IEP
  • List any questions
  • Ask for support
  • Get your sleep
  • Bring your notes/questions
  • Bring your water bottle

During this upcoming “staff meeting” we will be discussing my son’s options because in his current position he has surpassed his peers academically and verbally. So hopefully we will be switching schools and mainstreaming soon 🤞

We’ve been doing IEP meetings for 3 years so far and we’ve enjoyed most of them. We’ve always left confident and satisfied with the end results, even if we have occasionally also left feeling emotionally spent.

This is the husband acting emotionally spent

I got to be honest, this is the first “staff meeting” in a while that I have felt nervous about. But the reason I’m nervous has nothing to do with my son, and completely to do with his caseworker and ABA therapist both feeling the need to come to this one, which is a first! 🙈 Wish us luck!

How do you feel about IEP meetings? Does your school have staff meetings regularly before IEP meetings get officially scheduled? Any other tips for a good meeting? Let me know in the comments below 😊



  1. Love your idea for a new blog and appreciate the title being so positive about Autism! Correct me if I’m wrong but I think your meeting is called a staff meeting because all staff from his potential new school will be there to find out how they can support your sons transition. Maybe that’s why it is being held before the IEP? Cutest kid photos ever btw

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    • Thank you! You are absolutely correct in the purpose for the staff meeting involving Mr. L’s potential new school. From my understanding his current school holds regular staff meetings for him just to touch base on his progress and to make changes to anything they are trying to work through with him. They just made sure to schedule this upcoming “Staff meeting” prior to a future IEP since they try to make them happen regularly anyways. I’m just nervous because more then the “regular people” plan on being there. I feel a little out of my element.


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