Unwind after Pre-IEP

Have you ever had a big meeting, get together, or event that afterwards left you exhausted? How do you decompress after being over peopled?

I plan on talking about how the pre-IEP meeting went, but I also want to talk about the importance of not only taking time to unwind, but recognizing the need for it.

I feel like too many people today get stuck in a cycle of rush, rush, stress, rush instead of remembering to recharge their batteries. My husband and I definitely needed to decompress after today’s meeting, heck little miss A needed to let some extra wiggles out too. But we couldn’t go jump in a lake and roast marshmallows afterwards because we had work and kids to pick up soon.

How we processed, decompressed and recharged

  • Taco Bell – judge us, that’s fine. We ran into some of mr. L’s school staff there 😂
  • Talking – going over how we thought the meeting went
  • Resting – the plan was to lay down, little miss A jumped on us and yelled for tickles instead. Love her
  • Nap – Husband took a quick nap
  • Relaxing bath – little miss A climbed in on top of me and threw toys at my face… but it’s the thought that counts 😜
  • Wished I’d taken a nap – Zzzz

How the meeting went

My husband and I felt like it went as well as could be expected. We anticipated 5-7 people, there was 15 (18 including us). Mr. L’s team/ current school seem ready to have mr. L move forward and be mainstreamed. His school psychologist even tried to tie a few goals down and set up the IEP.

The principal at the new school seemed hesitant, didn’t want to set anything in stone, but asked good questions that implied she understood that she was going to have to start lining things up; like staff, training, classroom space, and peer groups. Because mr. L is on track to move forward.

Honestly, today felt like a necessary waste of time. Does that even make sense? All I know is I could never handle politics. I want to get things done, not talk about getting things together.

How do you decompress and recharge? What situations make you want to have some me time? Have you dealt with a necessary waste of time? Let me know in the comments below ✌️



  1. Necessary waste of time is a great description. I struggle with Committee meetings. You need to let the others views, understandings and ideas be heard. Sometimes things just get in a loop or the what if’s take over and you feel the plan is being talked to death. Yes, there needs to be a plan. Yes , everyone needs to know it and their part/ responsibilities. Then it needs to be put into action. No, progress is made if the plan isn’t put into action. Not just IEPs but any plan has to be tried to know if it works.


    • You bring up some very good points; letting others be heard, needing a plan, and delegating parts/ responsibilities. We were getting close to falling into the pits of what if’s towards the end of our “Staff Meeting” and the leader of the what if’s was the principle we had invited to the meeting. It was becoming frustrating to see Mr. L’s potential new principle dancing around the idea of commitment. But thankfully Mr. L’s current school psychologist/vice principle has a gift for reading a room and corrected the meeting’s course and tied up as many loose ends as he could before concluding the council of Mr. L.
      Here’s to hoping for progress at his upcoming official IEP.


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