College already??

My husband and I got an email today about a college preparation meeting that our neurotypical son’s school district was putting on. At the top of the list were high schools with dates for signing up, but down the list my son’s elementary school was listed! He is five and in kindergarten!

I’ll be honest, my husband calls me a safety nerd. I think this stims from needing to be prepared for the unforeseen triggers of meltdowns for my other son who has autism. Anyways I’m always trying to prepare for the future. But college prep for kindergarten??

Is college a lie?

I’ve been jaded by college. The whole line I was fed that if I went to college and got good grades and a good degree that I would get a great paying job right out college. I always wanted to be an elementary teacher and after getting my bachelors somehow I’m not a school teacher. The line I was fed feels like a lie.

My husband has a masters degree and he’s not getting paid a masters salary. So why should I prepare my elementary aged children for a lie?

Trade school

There is a huge need for trade jobs. The average age of a plumber or electrician in the US is 55. Am I saying I don’t want my kids to be educated or have a college experience? No. I fully believe in education, fear comes from a lack of understanding. But do I want my children fed the lie that they won’t be successful without years of college? No. Trade jobs are respectable and needed.

I want my kids to think outside the box. There is more to life than going to college, walking away with possible debt, and hoping to work for someone a few years before being replaced by someone younger and faster.

I believe my kids can be successful in college but I want them to take the time and research what profession they want before stepping into any college institutions. College is too expensive to waste finding your passion there.

Things have to change

My husband says not to worry about college because he thinks things will have to change. The college institution can’t continue the way it is and something will eventually give.

Long story short. I’m trying to introduce my kids to all sorts of career ideas, not just the traditional doctor, lawyer, or hairdresser.



  1. Colleges have become big businesses like all others they churn out a product (diplomas) and work to create a market so they increase there sales. The only problem is you can not resell your product once you have if it does not work out/ Colleges need to be held responsible for their promises inferred or otherwise, by guaranteeing the employment of the student in a job as a certain rate with in a short period once they graduate. Otherwise the reimburse the student all of the money paid. To often they allow people to go into areas that are already over supplied and then leave them with the burden to make it work. Their is a great demand for trades manufacturing in this country suffers from a lack of skilled employees I personnaly know companies that pay good wages but can not find people to fill the need colleges are not the only answer just the one that does a great deal of advertising and makes people feel inferior if they do not have a degree and in many cases teaches their graduates to perpetuate the myth


    • Thanks for leaving a comment, I agree with what you’re saying. Colleges have become businesses with a product that isn’t working for everyone, and are selling them where they have no business doing so. Trade jobs are needed and could benefit from better advertising that the college world has been dominating. You make really great points.


  2. I think college is empty promise. I did my best to graduate with no debt, I attended only community college. I got a great education in early childhood development and education, but not the flashy big name on my degree. In my opinion it was 100% worth it. Will I ever have a high paying dream job, probably not. That’s okay, I will always be able to get work, in my opinion that’s what counts.


    • Katie, I think what you did was really smart and responsible. Always being able to get a reasonable job I think has become the dream for many, myself included! Thank you for sharing your experience.


  3. You know my history, but it involves all sorts of experience intermixed with college.

    We have a nationwide shortage of paramedics and firefighters, for example. These are skilled trades, obtained through community college and skilled programs.

    The days where someone gets one job and does it their entire life are over. We have to let our young folks decide what drives them and then research what they will need to succeed in that calling. They can spend some time doing certain kinds of work and then go back to school (like me!) and move into another phase.

    Let them dream of whatever they want to dream.


    • This is what I have started talking with Mr. C and Mr. L about, when they say something looks cool we talk about the jobs that go along with it. For example, a week ago we were at the beach and saw a bunch of scuba divers and Mr. C asked if that was a job, so when we got home we looked up all the jobs that scuba divers do, it was very interesting!


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