Is it less hard today?

Years ago people told me I should start a blog about parenting. I was told I should include the humor of taking care of my two diapered boys and mention the day to day realness of the 2 year old recently diagnosed with Autism.

I tried. I posted probably four or five posts with pictures and everything. But keeping up with my family, My 2 year old’s recent diagnosis, learning about autism therapies, and how to parent my own child on top of being a full time student was just too much.

I mean there was a lot I could write about! Every day was exhausting, overwhelming and an adventure! But now things have settled down in comparison to the early days of Autism. Even with a third child in the mix…

But does that mean I don’t have things that are interesting to write about? Just because we’ve figured out the importance of routine, we’ve worked through potty training the first two kids, and we’ve rediscovered our son’s voice that had been lost?

The head banging is basically gone, the random crying for hours and the confusing daily meltdowns have become rare occurrences. So does that mean I have nothing to write about weekly?

I do. I still have things I’m learning and the drama just has a different face. Instead of wondering if we are going to make it through the grocery store without my little guy banging his head on the cement floor in uncontrollable screaming, I’m wondering if mainstreaming my child is right for him, or if I’m advocating for a real life nightmare.

Instead of holding my three year old boy crying inside wishing I could help ease whatever was making him feel the need to thrash around, I’m now standing back resisting the urge to rush the playground and make sure the other kids aren’t making fun of my 7 year old’s attempts to make friends with his limited communication skills.

I have a mental tool box full of years of experience, practice, teaching, and being trained. But I still have a lot of room for more implements and new gadgets.

Today I’m going to learn something new and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to help and teach someone else.

What’s something you’ve recently learned? Are you currently in a season of life full of stress, adventure, or calm? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I have a very good friend who has recently had her young teenage son diagnosed with autism. I am in awe of how she copes with all that it means on top of raising 4 others.
    Sounds like you are doing exceptionally well.
    Thank you for the follow. I am waaaay behind in visiting and thanking my new followers. I have no excuse …

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