Assume the best

Just some quick thoughts for today…

I like to assume that everyone is doing their best. Why have I come to this conclusion? Because for years and even sometimes now, I want to ask why? Why would someone do that? What were they thinking? And I came to a conclusion… There is a really good chance that they don’t even know why they are doing what they did! Because honestly, I want to ask people.

When I go to a check out line at a grocery store and someone shoots in front of me, when someone says something rude/uninformed, or glared at me as they went past… I want to ask, why did they just do that? Occasionally my husband has had to grab me mid step and stopped me from confronting some random person when they just did something stupid and smiled while he told me it wasn’t worth it.

Even if I did ask, many people probably couldn’t even give me a good/ real reason. Not everyone is living intentionally or with purpose. But I like to assume they are, it gives me more faith in humanity. Assuming the best in others is also more fun usually then getting mad.

When a car cuts me off and then zooms off loudly I assume they have to go to the restroom really bad. When someone cuts me off at the grocery store, I like to assume they have a lot on their mind, maybe a toddler kept them up last night. When someone says something rude, I assume someone was rude to them that morning and hope they can work it out later.

Life is too short to always get offended, revenge or the last word every time. Being angry, irritated, and annoyed is exhausting. And honestly I just ain’t got time for it. I got 3 kids I’m chasing, a husband, religion and a blog. I don’t have time for drama or grumpy people.

How do you handle grumpy people?



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