They pick up on Everything

Our kid’s schools are among the others that have been canceled for the next few weeks and we knew the disruption in routine would be stressful enough without adding additional information to our kid’s lives. Our children’s ages are 8, 6 and 2 and because of how young they are my husband and I have avoided talking in front of our kiddos about some of the hot topics floating around right now.

My husband and I have shared the occasional toilet paper meme between each other, but I personally have been trying to not add to the chaotic rabbit hole of social media right now. In fact I have been trying to keep my Facebook page as normal as usual with the kid pics, and positive quotes I like to share.

So it came as quite a surprise when my children FaceTimed my sister in law and immediately my 6 year old jumped right into the hot topics that are currently on every news feed you can find. My sister in law works for the state and apparently mentioned the current virus scare back in January, so mr. C knew just who he wanted to discuss this current topic with.

My husband and I had no idea our child had such a strong interest in any of this because we have just been so casual about it all. We didn’t run out to the stores, and we have kind of just acted like spring break has come early and we will be “staycationing” at home. The only thing that isn’t giving my kids a full break is the fact that they have daily work sheets, and I plan on some of their screen time involving educational things like museum virtual tours and live zoo feeds.

Honestly though, my sister in law loved it. She works in the health sector and asked if I wouldn’t mind recording my son’s opinion on how to stay safe so she could share it with her co-workers to help lift their spirits a bit. Being the show boat my kid is, he loved the idea and so I recorded and posted his public health and safety message. So far it’s been seen by over 150 viewers and counting.

I’m telling myself I have been instilling smart cleaning habits in my children over the years and public school has just put these ideas in the forefront of my kindergartener, and no one has been freaking my child out. I mean besides my kid needing to talk to his aunt about washing his hands, neither of my kids have been acting any differently. They just sing the abc song now every time they wash their hands after using the bathroom… Which is really a win for me anyways.

So without further to do, here is my cute kid’s public health announcement:



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