Not what I expected

So I figured with all this extra time at home I would be able to get every room deep cleaned, I would have a very basic routine that would fall into place, and I would have to help mr. L work through the anxiety of being out of his regular school scheduled week.

So far it’s been washing all the dishes all the time, trying to keep up with the usual laundry, more accidents from the recently potty trained 2 year old because her awesome brothers are very distracting, and mr. C has been the cranky one because he is fighting constantly for his parents attention despite getting most of it.

I have not deep cleaned a single room unless you count mopping the dining area. Beyond making sure everyone brushes their teeth, mouthwashes, 30 min of reading with the kids before bed, and 2 work sheets are getting done, there has been no routine at all. Every day has been different, not in a bad way, just not routined either.

Besides mr. L being sad once and needing extra cuddles a few days ago, he has been fine living out his life playing with trains, FaceTiming people, riding his scooter once in awhile, seeing my husband and I more, and arguing with me about doing his worksheets.

Little miss A has become more possessive of everything, whether it’s her stuff or not, and that has been getting on her brother’s nerves a bit. Nap time has been harder to attempt and potty stops have been a timed battle, but Little miss A has explained to all of us that it’s not her fault, because she has just taken on the family responsibility of keeping track of every single thing her brothers do or might think about doing.

Mr. C’s middle child crisis has just been compounded by the over time he has access to of his parent’s time. With both of us at home, mr. C has more time to talk to us and more time to request for us to play with him, which he sees as a battle field with his siblings with little to no breaks.

I think the stress that is feeding into my social media feed is the lack of things requested of everyone as a whole. With such a big concept looming over us, and coming at a speed that cannot be fully predicted, everyone is facing an enemy that doesn’t require much preparation, if any for some. The world has set off this fight or flight mode with no where to run and nothing to punch. And the best thing any of us can do to fight is to please do nothing.

I think the reason why mr. L has not been showing signs of anxiety is because there hasn’t been anything for him to feed off of. My husband and I have kept are adult conversations away from the kids, we haven’t talked about virus stuff with him, and his little brother mr. C has kept most of his questions for his Aunt Emily.

Life at home has basically been a REALLY long weekend without going to church, and needing to do some worksheets. Just don’t tell my kids when I turn on YouTube on the tv featuring zoo’s, museums, astronauts, or the ocean I’m trying to teach them something 😜

Here’s to hoping things don’t get too interesting around here. Boring can be a good thing sometimes. How are you guys holding up?


  1. “Here’s to hoping things don’t get too interesting around here. Boring can be a good thing sometimes. How are you guys holding up?”

    —How I felt back in January…! About the Iran/US stuff. Wasn’t it less than 48 hours into the new year that that kicked off? 😆.

    Good to see you’re doing well so far, and have plenty of space to get outside. I’m enjoying the extra time to think of ideas for writing. I’m planning to explore more creative ideas 🙂. Ironic that for you, life has become more busy, and for me more quiet 😆.

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  2. We are no longer leaving the home for food supplies, staying away from people for at least 14 days since we were out in public the last couple of days. I am wiping everything down and even in our own home we are not staying close to the grown kids for awhile. My daughter (she has Asperger’s) is having the roughest time of all. She is not a homebody. Her lessons are all online from the university but she is very sad about family in northern Italy and just the fact that she can’t work and drive her new car she just bought. she loves shopping. Her biggest fear has always been a pandemic and she would obsesses about germs when she was little. My son is taking things a little better but he is missing some things too like his biology class which he loved. He has a scholarship to Grand Canyon University to continue studying Bio-Chemistry but who knows what will be in the months ahead. It is all so surreal. You guys stay safe over there and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that you have family in northern Italy, that must be so stressful and scary. This really is the worst storm for your daughter, I hope she can find some sunshine through it all. I wouldn’t lose hope on your son’s scholarship/ schooling. Maybe that university can find creative ways to start his schooling until everything settles, if it hasn’t by then. You stay safe as well, and will be in our prayers too.


    • I’m struggling with the constant stream of bad news too, so I can relate to that feeling. Lack of contact can feel weird, here’s to hoping this will start to feel easier with time and not harder 🤞. Take care as well 🙂

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