I Wrote a Book, and Then Another.

My first published book

For those of you who are new to my blog, first off thank you for reading. But secondly, I’d like to let you know that I wrote a picture book, “Hugo and Autism”. It was written based off of my children and our experiences with having autism in our family. I don’t have autism, but my son does and I’d like to help spread awareness.

The first book is an introduction to what autism is and what it’s like for Mr. C to live and experience life with an autistic older brother. It’s on Amazon and has sold way more copies then I expected and I have been pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback I have received from more then just friends and family, but from professionals as well.

Well I am here to announce that the second book in this series is here and ready to launch! “Hugo goes to the library” has been written, edited, illustrated, and was just accepted by Amazon!

My second published book

This second book goes over some rules of going to a library that seem pretty basic and simple to some people while being huge mile stones for Mr. L to overcome. Things like how to walk safely to the library building from the parking lot, or how to ask a librarian how to find a book about his favorite subject- trains.

But more than just these little rules are talked about in this kid friendly picture book. “Hugo goes to the Library” also talks about what I’ve done over the years to help my sons practice how to accomplish huge goals. Like walking them back to the car over and over again, until they can walk next to me in the parking lot, hold my hand, and not run out in front of cars.

These books are so much more then just children’s books. They are:

  • Educational- in teaching what autism is.
  • A social story- for kids on the spectrum to see what it’s like to go places like the library.
  • Sibling Acknowledgment- by giving kids who are the sibling of a child with special needs a place to see them in a book too.
  • And just being a book for kids with autism to see themselves in a book.

So without further ado, don’t forget to go check out my 2 books a available on Amazon 🤩

Just Little Miss A and I making silly faces



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