Where has my Blog Been?

Just me trying to take a headshot for my 2nd autism picture book with my little helper.

For the past few weeks I have just not been able to write a blog post to save my life. I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a bit, but I didn’t want to publish blog posts with nothing to them just for the sake of making sure I got a blog done. But here’s to hoping I’m back for a good while.

Has anyone else been feeling this way? Has anything in your life that you got done regularly and enjoyed doing just become one of the biggest mental blocks to try to get through? I feel like this Coronavirus has used up so much of my mental health and emotional positivity that getting the basics done has been all I’ve been able to do.

Those basics being taking care of my family, and then making sure I’m giving myself a mental break at some point during the day. Doing dishes, laundry, feeding little people, keeping up with picking up after my kids, doing very basic home schooling, making time to chat with my husband and taking my kids outside fills up almost my whole cup. So making time for a blog has been just a little out of my reach recently.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing during my mental breaks during the day and before I try to sleep at night, it’s been eating my meals basically by myself at my kitchen table and listening to LDS conference talks. Seriously, just hearing the positive religious ideas, stories, and thoughts has put a little sunshine back in my heart.

When compared to the depressing and argumentative news on the radio or what I’ve seen on Facebook, it’s nice to listen to a modern day prophet remind me that the world hasn’t come to an end, that I’m cared for, and that I just need to fasten my seatbelt and hold on for the bumpy road of life.



  1. Yes, I’ve also been struggling to keep up my posting lately. Part of it for me is that I’m just not a summer person, so a summer with additional stresses saps all my energy. Maybe that just means it’s time for a break to regroup. 💖

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  2. Yeah I mean I had been in a slump for a while and then last month I challenged myself to blog every weekday but it was definitely exhausting and after that last day I haven’t even though about writing lol. Okay I have though about it but life is definitely exhausting when working a full time job and watching a toddler full time

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