So long story short we got a puppy ❤️

Mr. L taking his new puppy to Petsmart for a first outing.

My kids have been asking for years for a dog, and my husband and I both grew up with dogs so we knew that eventually we wanted a dog too. But when we thought things were settling down a bit we discovered that one of our kiddos was allergic to dogs! Or dust… Or both? So we took him to get allergy tested and both came back positive. Turns out Mr. C was allergic to both, so we thought dogs were sadly out of the picture.

But we decided to look more closely at allergy friendly dogs, and we did some research. And some how months later I stumbled upon a local poodle Facebook page, and there was a breeder selling standard poodles, with papers, at a “reasonable” price. So we took the allergic leap of faith, with allergy meds on hand, and bought ourselves a pup.

Little Miss A holding her pup on his 1st ride home.

My husband was raised with big dogs and I was raised with toy poodles and a chihuahua… So a standard poodle was as good of a compromise as we were probably going to find. I’ll admit I liked the idea of a rescue dog, but finding an allergy friendly one was proving difficult.

Well, turns out that even though Mr. C offered to take allergy meds every morning, it looks like he won’t have to! Mr. C has only shown signs of a reaction when he rubbed his face all over the dog. If he keeps the dog away from his face, it looks like he can pet, hold, and play with this puppy with no reactions, cool!

Despite what he says, the husband likes this doggo.

So we got a black, standard, male, poodle and we named him after a comic book character that when he yells a magic word he turns into a grown-up super hero. Yep, we named him, “Shazam!”

Looking for a nap every chance he gets.

I gotta be honest though, he is an odd pup. More than once I have taken him out before bed for a last chance to do his business and he has walked out to the sprinklers and just laid down and gone to sleep. My daughter tried to pick him up once, couldn’t manage, and sorta dropped him, and he laid right down and went to sleep. He is SUPER chill, and super sweet.

We’ve had him over 2 weeks and he seems to be fitting in pretty well. I’m hoping that over the years this little guy will be a good friend for my kids, and a great friend/ listening ear for Mr. L as he navigates childhood and his teen years.

Stretching out for another nap.

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  1. Hooray for your family! I’m a big dog-lover, so I’m a bit biased, but as far as pets go, there is none better than a dog. It looks like you got a good one. Wishing you many years of friendship with him.

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