The Holy Grail of grilled cheeses

This isn’t my pic, but you get the idea.

Sometimes it’s the little things that really anchor us in. For some people it might be that cup of coffee in the morning or that girl’s night out a few times a month. But for Mr. L he has a few days a week that he has assigned foods to.

Tuesday is Taco-Tuesday (even though he doesn’t actually eat tacos…). Wednesday is Burger King. Friday is Pizza day, he even has pizza pants and pizza socks he saves for this day. And Saturday is ice cream-day, for which he has a shirt and pants assigned to as well.

His clothes that he has for each of these days is thankfully not mandatory, but they are highly preferred if possible.

Having these days picked out helps Mr. L keep track of his days of the week, gives him something to look forward to, and helps him feel like he has a say in his weekly itinerary.

But remember from my previous post that we recently moved? Well my husband and I made sure that these weekly foods would be reasonably attainable in the farm town we moved to. But we didn’t make sure that the Burger King had been trained in the exquisite art of the grilled cheese…

This may come as a surprise to some readers, but just because Burger King has buns (bread) and cheese, does not mean that they know how to make this basic hot sandwich. Go figure.

So our first week in our new place soon had our first Wednesday roll around and off to Burger King we drove. And I gotta say that the voice that came through the drive through speaker went through a slew of emotions before figuring out that a basic grilled cheese could be achieved.

It honestly sounded like the 5 stages of grief were being performed before our minivan could proceed to the drive through window.

These aren’t stages of grief, but they are steps drawn by Mr. L.

Denial- Their menu didn’t say grilled cheese so there was no way that they could charge me for a kid’s cheeseburger and just keep most of the toppings, including the patty to themselves.

Anger- This lady legit got mad at me for asking for a kids meal cheeseburger, with basically nothing on it. You really want to tell me that you can’t take onions off a whopper and you can’t take a patty off either? Charge me for it, it’s fine. It might mess up your inventory? Again, charge me for it and toss it in a separate bag or throw it away if that makes you feel triumphant, I don’t mind.

Bargaining- This speaker lady then told me she was going to charge me for the whole thing… Uh yeah, isn’t that what I already said would be cool with me?

Depression– This girl then sounded filled with regret and dejection when she said she would have to get a manager to show her how to charge me for it. It’s a kids meal… It’s going to be ok, we will all make it through this learning experience.

Then finally, Acceptance- In the end I overheard a lot of confusion that I’m sure they didn’t realize was coming through on my end as the order was placed and then a begrudgingly, “Will that be everything?” Was spoken through a headset for me to unfortunately then ask for a salad. I know, I’m a terrible person.

The order was made, the payment given, I checked Mr. L’s grilled cheese before turning onto the road, I mean can you blame me? And it wasn’t until I got home I checked my order to find no croutons, plastic fork, or salad dressing. Revenge on their part? Maybe. Or they were just so bewildered and flabbergasted by my request that I should be lucky they didn’t send me home with a bucket of KFC? I’m not sure. But I’ll let you know that the WHOLE process started over again the next week, and no, I didn’t order a salad.

This poor Burger King location took two months before they no longer batted an eye at our weekly order. It was a process that took a few weeks of them being mad at me, to eventually I started hearing, “A grilled cheese? I know how to do that! Let me show you” before the whole Wednesday staff was trained on how to punch in the fanatical and disturbing order.

Who knew a grilled cheese could ruffle so many feathers…

Mr. L making another one of his favorite foods.


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