I misplaced Friday

Pic from my daughter’s app.

Do you remember in some of my previous posts how I have mentioned that Mr. L associates some days of the week with foods? Welp, I messed up Friday.

You see, I didn’t even realize I had done it until Sunday afternoon. You would think by then that a missed day would have got it self straightened out, but according to the land of autism that doesn’t always happen.

So here’s my confession that I need to figure out how to do some Hail Mary’s for. Late Friday night, after Mr. L had already made himself a bowl of left over pasta and I figured he didn’t need a “Friday pizza day”. But his younger brother, Mr. C wanted to have a pizza and movie night with the family.

Kids with the pizza delivery guy.

No problem right? My husband was working late so we could do pizza and a movie Saturday night. Well this was where things started to unravel and I should have known. My husband came home hoping for some left over Italian staples, and I had none to share.

But Saturday came, Mr. L’s order was placed and that new Disney movie, Raya was a ninja hit at our casa. I figured all was good in the hood. But Sunday afternoon came, and despite listening to church on my phone and playing scriptures at breakfast… Mr. L had decided that it was in fact Saturday and his grandpa was supposed to visit on Saturday.

Unfortunately it was the NEXT Saturday that my father in law planned to visit, and in fact tomorrow was a school day- Monday. I’ll let you know now that the guilt I felt was very strong. I messed up and it took over an hour to convince my oldest that we weren’t trying to screw up the universe.

Mr. L drew the background from the tv.

He kept telling my husband and I that it was in fact Saturday and that his grandpa was going to visit. The order in which the pizza was placed set everything else into motion and that motion was more like motion sickness and not like the adrenaline of knowing you are going on vacation next week. It was a tricky place to find ourselves as parents. Walking on egg shells would have been easier because I would have a better understanding of how things would play out.

I’m glad to report that no major meltdown happened. We got to explain many, many, many times that we messed up, and that we had pizza on Saturday this week. Meltdowns have become much less frequent in the last year or so and I give both my son credit for learning coping skills and the communication skills he needs to avoid feeling too overwhelmed. But I’d also like to give my husband and I credit for learning and trying to keep up with the list of triggers my son doesn’t like experiencing.

I’d like to say it gets easier, but I haven’t raised a teenager yet, and I know better then to make that bet 😉 Every day is a learning opportunity and I try my best to pick up whatever Mr. L tosses my way.

My kids adventuring like usual.

And for the record, I didn’t hide the day we had pizza on. I announced when ordering that we were eating pizza on a Saturday. But hey, what do I know? Cheese and stuffed crust make the rules, not me 😉



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