To Multitask or Not

The Hulk and Chewbacca Playing in the rain.

The other day I was contemplating why blogging has become so difficult for me to do. I did a mental check list just to check in on myself to see how I was doing and everything seemed to be ok. Was my marriage relationship doing well? Yeah. Do I feel like I am meeting my kids needs as best I can? I try every day. How was I doing spiritually? Well I’m still not going to church yet but I’m making an effort at home with zoom church, scriptures, prayer, etc. How was my home? As clean as I can keep it daily with 3 home schooled kids, a puppy, and making sure I gave myself some mental me time before sleep… I even checked the energy of my living space and it felt like a happy, busy, calm.

Then what was the problem? I do enjoy reading… But that wasn’t the problem. I made time to call and text family and friends regularly just to check in… But that wasn’t taking up all my free time either…

And then it hit me. Everything I do all the time was multitasked. Yes, I do mean everything. Making food? Yep. Eating food!? Uh yeah, when do you think I fit in my scriptures or fun reading. Bathroom time? Yeah… My oldest can unlock those door locks magically, so my middle child sometimes tries to catch me then to help him with his school work or just to catch me up on his favorite Pokémon animal.

Birthday cake with grandpa.

I promise, I try to teach my kids that bathroom time is alone time. They’ve all figured it out on their side of the privacy door. None of them want unwanted guests when they close that door from inside.

And yes, I’m multitasking even while I’m sleeping. My 3 year old finds her way into my bed 6/7 nights a week. So even while I’m trying to catch a few winks I’m holding, moving, or shoving my youngest threw an awkward waltz around my sheets.

So that is why blogging has become so difficult since this pandemic came through and flipped everything and everyone upside down or at least sideways. Blogging is the one thing that I cannot multitask. I have to get into a mindset when I’m writing, I like to have a rhythm in my thinking and typing, and I can’t do that while my oldest wants to show me his super cool drawings, or when my middle child wants to explain his favorite super powers to me.

The middle child explaining leprechauns to me.

I love being a mom, I love being a spouse, I love homeschooling, and I love writing my blog. I guess I just need to figure out a new balance to make it all fit, ya know?

How do you fit in your writing time? Or your “me time”?



  1. Very hard to find me time but I think of mg blogging as part therapy and part advocacy. I try to do a bit of a post a day starting with an outline and then flesh it out until it’s ready. I can imagine it’s harder with three kids!

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    • Oh that’s a good idea to start with an outline and then come back to it, I need to try that. I always just sit down and try to get a post done, but giving it time isn’t a bad idea.
      I agree, blogging is part advocacy but also therapeutic. Thank you for the perspective ☺️


  2. It depends how important it is to you whether you fit it in or not, Rachel. Sometimes we just have to let things go for a while. Covid changes place us in another dimension. I think the most important thing is to be kind to ourselves as well as others.

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  3. I am having the WORST time with writing lately. I spend my time reading other people’s blogs, but never seem to sit down and put something out myself. I need to work on a writing schedule or something! Being blocked by mind or time is so frustrating!

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    • I am definitely blocked by time, but maybe I just need to rethink my schedule. That’s a good idea though, maybe reading other people’s blogs could help brainstorm some ideas. Thanks for the tip!

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  4. I have struggled to write lately as well. I don’t beat myself up for taking a break from it once in a while. I know that eventually I’ll get into the swing of it again and put out a bunch more posts. Right now I’m at my dining room table, trying to piece together a post while my kids are around me doing their thing. I stop if they need me, but I also tell them sometimes that I’m trying to concentrate and they need to find something for themselves to do on their own. I totally get it about the long-winded discussions about Pokemon characters! Oh my, there’s so much I know (and don’t yet know) about Pokemon!

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    • It’s so nice to know I’m not alone. I feel like you just summed up my experience every time I try to write 😅
      I bought my son a Pokémon book for Christmas, and after reading 2-4 pages to him a day, we are only halfway through!
      I need to learn from you and not beat myself up. Thanks for the advice ☺️

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  5. It can be really difficult to fit in dedicated blogging time around all the other responsibilities and desires that life holds. I try to set aside a relatively consistent time of day for writing and researching, but it has to be flexible since anything could come up.

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